Productivity and Unified Collaboration “Hit Refresh”

It’s been a few decades since Microsoft started its journey from just providing operating systems like DOS then Windows with all it versions. Now Microsoft has hit the refresh button as Satya Nadella, the Microsoft CEO, has published a new book titled “Hit Refresh,” where Satya speaks about the Microsoft transformation and the chance to learn from others’ “hit refresh” moments.

Indeed Microsoft, in the last few years, has hit refresh several times and provided its partners tools like Office 365, Windows 10, Cortana and Azure to help them provide better solutions for clients.

Since the release of Office 365 and Windows 10, the wheel of innovation did not stop.  Day by day Microsoft is providing additional capabilities to make the whole experience of transformation to cloud more attractive to business.

As a Microsoft MVP, what I see is very promising to everyone.  Starting from large clients to partners, to small and medium size clients to users, developers and to DevOps engineers and those changes will allow technologists and business owners to decide while Hitting Refresh to keep their companies productive.

Here are a few highlights from what I see in Microsoft Software as a Service (Office 365) Microsoft has launched services like power apps and flow to make it easy for power users, business analysts and users to quickly build their business applications.  Examples include the vacation system with all required approval without the need to know any programming language and to make the application available through mobile phones too.  With a few clicks, you can have your business process implemented.

Another service is Teams which is a chat based workplace that makes it easy to collaborate as a team, share files, chat and connect to other Office 365 services.

Also as announced in Ignite conference in Orlando September 2017:

“Office 365 will be updated to integrate with LinkedIn, letting users and companies tie information from their LinkedIn profiles to their profiles within Office 365 directories.”


“A new bundle for Microsoft 365 will target what Microsoft calls “first line” workers, including those in sales, on factory floors, and medical staff. The F1 package will combine Office 365, Windows 10, and Enterprise Mobility tools.”

The question now for customers who would like to Hit Refresh in their companies, what are the criteria to help them decide about the tools they need to keep their companies productive and connected.

Whether you choose Office 365 or other Collaboration Workplace from any other provider let us put some bullets about the characteristics that must exists in the Collaboration platform:

  1. Easy to use tools.
  2. Integration with external systems and social media.
  3. Provides voice calls.
  4. Provide sharing workspace between teams.
  5. Provide a way to build quickly and easy business apps that can run on mobile phones.
  6. Provides documents collaboration, sharing and storage.

Collaboration, unified communications and Workplace plays now vital rule for companies’ success so I think it is time to Hit Refresh!!